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Reakcja Motorsport!

The cooperation begins with the process of discussing each assumption of a project with our clients - we want to find a general vision of a project. And therefore, we discuss the range of components which will be labeled and produced for an racing drivers or a team. After obtaining this specific information, we prepare a detailed schedule and an excellent offer.

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Improving the vision

After accepting the offer, we start collecting and checking the materials needed for further work. At this stage, we focus on obtaining sponsors' logos in appropriate formats and CI (Corporate Identity) descriptions as long as sponsors or companies cooperating with a racing drivers possess such descriptions.

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Preparation of projects

Firstly, we start designing and creating a concept; secondly we apply it to the car/ motorcycle/go-kart / motorboat. Each project is carefully thought-out in order to ensure that the most important sponsors' logos are exposured maximally and displayed in the appropriate hierarchy (size). We are trying to create a project which will be visually attractive as well as legible in terms of the exposure of sponsoring companies. After accepting the vehicle design, we place the original projects on other components, such as tents / flags / deck chairs / fences / clothes / mats / banners and other elements produced by us.

Production of materials

Finally, we present the whole set of branded components so as to accept by our clients, and afterwards, we start our production.