Creation of teams' image

Actually, we do not limit ourselves only to motorsport. We also invite racing drivers and teams who are planning to take part in various motorsport competitions, such as cars/ motorcycles/ boats/ podsy/ gokart/ drones, etc.

The designs are made in our graphic studio or in cooperation with recognized and respected graphic designers. But the clients make the decision about their preferred style, or even, the staff who is responsible for preparing the creation. On the other side, we are in charge of producing the selected elements, namely car wrapping and full service stands!

REAKCJA Graphic studio

Reakcja Motorsport is the innovative graphic studio of our company. We make every effort to ensure you the highest quality of visual value of our motorsports' products. Together with racing drivers and teams, we create attractive and distinctive creations which we convert into real productions.
tel. +48 666 353 621

We cooperate with:

ABSTRAXI DESIGN - Zbigniew Malczyk

Abstraxi Design is a modern interactive agency which specializes in development of effective advertisement for companies in motorsport. Since 2007 we have been supporting the following motorsport categories: rally, circuit racing, rallycross, offroad, drift and motorcross.
tel. +48 512 735 771
SIADLY.COM Michał Podsiadło

Thanks to my experience in motorsport livery design, I fully understand the newest trends and customer's needs. Every single one of my designs is created with maximum commitment because the passion for good looking cars always pushes me to work until I get the best possible result.